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In some part of the world, elderly people are the best special gifts in the family. The family members take care of them, helping them when they need something, and making sure they are okay. The family makes sure they are well respected. As the owner of the Elderly contact business, here is the story of my great grandmother for people to understand why I created the business. She was the best gift of my life. Our family took care of her and I am glad and proud to be part of her life. Elderly people were there for us. We have to be there for them as they sacrifice their lives for us.

Life of Great Grandmother :


Lombo Elizabeth, half-sister of Ndonzoao Nlemvo, was an old woman; she was always seated in a chair or sleeping on the bed.

In her later years, she lost her eyesight. Whenever someone was close to her, she would put her hands on the person’s face; this is how she came to know people.

She would also get accustomed to a person’s voice and could pick her out in a room. If the person was a great grandchild, she would call him by his parents' name. For example, “You are the child of Anna,” which meant, you are the child of my grandchild Anna.

She could not remember the names of all her great grandchildren, but she remembered the names of her grandchildren. At the end of her life, she was confined to her bed. When she was hungry or needed anything, she would make a noise Uhm! Uhm!

Uhm. This noise was how she communicated with her family.

Often, great grandchildren, grandchildren, and their families took care of her until she died at the age of 102 in the early 1970s.

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