Our Policy is:

To be good Listeners

We do not give advice

We do not ask other questions besides what the family members want or the basic questions listed:

  • How are you doing today?
  • Do you take any medication?
  • Did you take your medication today?
  • How was your day?
  • What did you have for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner?
  • Was the food okay?

To be Polite and Respectful

Don’t call clients outside the office

Don’t talk about the client outside the office

We do not talk about out personal problems to clients or their family.

Keep all Clients information and Conversation confidential

Each call to your loved one’s costs … and these calls last anywhere from 10-15 minutes.

If our client wishes to spend less than 10 minutes on the phone. Our regular fee will still be charged.

Family members can email any questions they wish their loved ones to be asked to: contact@Elderlycontact.com including their name and the information of their loved one.

Clients and their family must have a good functional email or answering machine in case he/she is not home; we can leave a message.

Clients and their family members are responsible of their own messages if their phone or email is not working.

You must be so and over to be qualify for this program.

We also provide visits with your loved ones. This is only upon family’s request. This service is

limited to certain areas and prices vary according to the destination/where you live.


Additional information may be applied later.

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