What We Do

Here at Elderly Contact, we have one simple goal, and that is to offer peace of mind and complete satisfaction to all our valued clients and their families.

We offer caregiving, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, cleaning laundry, ironing clothes, companionship.

We offer grocery shopping services for your elderly loved ones at only $...... inclusive of gas expenses for our shopping.

Elderly Contact works simple. Our clients make their own list of groceries that they want us to buy for them. They can send the list to us or one of our staff members will pick it up at the client’s house. Our team will then buy the groceries and deliver them right at the doorsteps of our clients. Clients will sign a receipt for receiving the items upon delivery.

Elderly Contact also offers services of calling elderly people in the United States for 10 to 12 minutes of conversations to ask them how they are feeling. Once the conversation ends, a feedback about it will be sent to the family members via email. Every call only costs …... This is a helpful service for people with busy schedules who no longer have the time to ask how their elderly loved ones are doing every day. This is also a big help for elderly people who feel lonely and need someone to talk.

Elderly Contact can also set appointments for doctors, hospitals, and meetings for your loved ones for an additional fee.

We strongly recommend clients and their respective families to have a good functional answering machine or email where we can leave a message in case they are not at home.

Clients and their family members will be responsible for their messages if their email or phone is not working.

Family members can email their questions to

Elderly Contact also offers visits with your loved ones. It is according to the request of the family and is only limited to some areas. Prices vary depending on your location and destination. You should be 50 years old and above to be qualified for this program.

Let Elderly Contact make your life easier and simpler for you. Give us a call today!


Taking good care of your loved ones

House cleaning

Making sure your loved one's house is cleaned.

Groceries shopping

Shopping for your loved ones


Your loved ones never feel lonely again

Phone call service

Making sure your loved ones are okay

Laundry cleaning

Making surre your loved ones clothes are cleaned.

Ironing clothes

Your loved have neat clothes

Carpet cleaning

Making sure your loved ones's carpet is cleaned.

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