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It is difficult to pinpoint the exact age when an adult becomes a geriatric patient.

Amazing Atmosphere

Elderly Contact are famous for its friendly welcome atmosphere

Latest Medical Care

Our seniors clothes to keep the elderly people warm

Yoga for Relaxation

Loved ones need excercises to keep their body strong and healthy

Assisted Living Support

Our loved ones need or support and the support of their families

Expert Care of the Elderly

Are you a busy person or know an elderly person who is lonely?

Not having time to find out how your elderly loved one is doing today?

Call us, we will take the load off you.

Here at Elderly Contact, we have one simple goal, and that is to offer peace of mind and complete satisfaction to all our valued clients and their families.

There are millions of lonely elderly people around the world who have many wishes but one in particular, which is to have someone that they can talk to.

We know you have a busy life style and sometimes it is difficult to take the time out to call your parents every week; we do that for you.

We know sometimes you are tired and have not time to find out how your loved one is doing.

You may not have time or be able to visit your parents. You may not have the time to call your loved one. You may not have the time to talk to your elderly loved one, infirm or your friend; therefore, we provide the service that will contact them and give you peace of mind knowing that they are ok or otherwise.

After our conversation with the loved ones, we will provide the contents of our conversation.

Everyone needs TLC. If you don’t have it and wish to have it for anyone dear to your heart, call us today and we will take the load of your time for you.

Elderly contact helps elderly people and their families who do not have time for their loved ones. Read more


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Ageing gracefully is a conscious decision.

Ageing gracefully is something that is aspiring numerous people regardless of age, sex, and race. We live in a world where we see any supplement, regime, or product to combat age. Even more, we are also bombarded with often conflicting and constantly changing messages.

There are various questions where the Silver Generation is entering into the world in which miracles of medicine, technology, and science promise a longer span of life. The advertisements bombard you with smooth, flawless, and glowing skin, slim waist as they go through the later life stages. Soon or later, each one of us has to go through diminishing capacities and creaking bones associated with ageing.