About Us

Elderly Contact is a company that was born out of compassion for the elderly.

The woman behind it is a foreigner

who came to a developed country after struggling to find her way out of a third world nation. Her first priority was education; and second was getting a good job. She knew that reaching for her dreams won’t be easy so she never considered starting a business of her own in the fear of failure.

However, life had different plans for her.

Soon, she started an elderly business and she named and registered it as Elderly Contact. She cleaned the homes of her elderly clients, something that wasn’t easy because she also had to go to school at the same time.

She decided to stop cleaning houses but the business name remained. For many years, she had no idea what to do with the name but she knew that it was a good and excellent name for a business.

When 2020 came, she started all over again and this time around, she knew in her heart and mind what she really wanted. She learned that if you believe in something, you shouldn’t give up on it.

And this is how Elderly Contact is born.

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